Saturday, February 25, 2017

Silent data Corruption

Sometimes it happens that when you select a company and a year it gives a message that

Unrecognised Database format

and the books will not open.

This happens when your data is corrupted.

How the data gets corrupted.

  • Hardware Errors
  • Data transfer noise
  • electromagnetic Interference ( proximity with magnets,speakers etc)
  • Firmware bugs
  • Software Bugs ( OS (windows/Unix/Linux etc) and applications)
  • Poor electrical current distribution
  • Electrical power failure 
Hardware errors
Memory chips, hard disk ,data transfer protocols every hardware components has a BER(bit error rate). i.e. a bit fails every billions/trillion of bits.

This happens even at high level computer establishments like CERN( European Centre for Nuclear Research. According to their report of 2008 they had 38000 corrupted files in the 15000 TB of data they created.

What we can do to prevent or reduce the corruption of data.
- Use Uninterrupted Power Supply.
- run disk check utility periodically.

If you find that inspite of taking this precautions the incidents reccur frequently 
  1. check power line of your installations, lose plugs or switches.
  2. If these errors are after you shifted to new PC if you still have your old PC try running your old PC for some more days.
  3. If you are using assembled PC and your technician is co-operative try using different RAM or hard disk.
  4. If you are using more than 1 PC using LAN then problem may be with NIC network interface card or cables, router or network switch, hub
For safety and smooth functioning keep taking frequent backup if data gets corrupt revert to backup.

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