Saturday, April 23, 2016

On 2 PC system on local area network.
Shortcut of software was set as run as administrator.
This was preventing loading of mapped drive on other PC in drive selection list of drive settings

Nothing Happens when icon clicked

A new windows 10 PC . Shortcut was working correctly till yesterday.
Today it flashed a message saying you buy McAfee Antivirus or use Bitdefender
No other choice . So bitdefender was selected.

Now clicking shortcut did nothing.
If ran as administrator it ran.

Right click shortcut. Select properties. Added a user and gave full control rights.
It started working.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Check your readiness for changing to new Financial year

I use to get lot of phone calls on 31st March and 1st April evry year asking for

How to open next year books  ( Vfas, mktfas, milkfas )

  • It is very simple just open current year books. 
  • menu 6. Tools - D. Recalculate Accounts
  • Menu 5 Master - B- Opening balance
  • select write next year books

Click proceed

Next year books written. Close the open books (quit) and select the new year from year list)

This is how you write next year books.

Check the readiness of your books for next year.

  • Your current books opening balance must be confirmed.
  • If it is not so you can not write next year books
  • Click the yellow button of  CONFIRM OPENING BALANCES

Click this button . If total opening debit and total opening credit balances are same then it will write it to books and make the button green. If there is difference it will show you the difference.

If you have time and knowledge of how to find the opening balance difference find it and add to correct accounts. You can by-pass this step and add a new account named
and enter opening balance difference in this account as shown below.

After saving this account go to 5.MASTER- OPENING BALANCE and click 

Importance of using UPS - નું મહત્વ

UPS નું મહત્વ
UPS એટલે અન ઈન્ટરપટેડ પાવર સપ્લાય
જો તમે ડેસ્કટોપ વાપરતા હો તો UPS તમારા માટે અગત્ય નું સાધન છે.
ઓચિંતા પાવર જાય તો તમારા PC ને તે બંધ થવા દેતું નથી.
ચાલુ કામમાં પાવર જાયતો કેટલું નુકસાન થશે તે નક્કી નથી હોતું ક્યારેક વિન્ડો પણ ફોરમેટ કરવું પડે. ચાલુમાં પાવર જવાથી ડિસ્ક ઓપરેટીંગ સીસ્ટમ પણ ખરાબ થઇ શકે છે.
UPS નું બોક્સ હોવાથી તમે બચી નથી જતા તે બરાબર કામ કરતું હોવું જોઈએ
આ ચેક કરવા માટે તમે વિન્ડો ચાલુ હોય ત્યારે UPS નો પાવર સપ્લાય બંધ કરો તો તે બંધ ના થવું જોઈએ ,
UPS નવું હોય ત્યારે 10 થી 15 મિનીટ ચાલતું હોય છે. એકાદ બે વરસ પછી તે 2 - 3 મિનીટ માંજ બંધ થવા લાગે છે  હવે તમારે તેની બેટરી બદલાવી લેવી પડે.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Opening stock doesnot appear in Profit & loss

Profit and loss statement shows

(A)Opening Stock     99999           Sales                99999
     Purchases             99999     (B) Closing Stock  99999

You have entered opening value in account master of Stock
as opening debit. It is not appearing in Profit & loss statement.

What to do?
1. Menu 5.Master --> Opening balances

press the

Confirm Balance  button

  1. it will add the opening balances of all the accounts if total opening debit and total opening credits tally.
  2. it will show Total debit balances and total credit balances and diffirence
  3. If the button is Unpost opening balance.Click it . Now it will show Confirm opening balance again click it.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Backup of data on the cloud

Various cloud backup solutions are available. Many are free e.g. google drive, dropbox, onedrive etc. These backups give you some free storage google drive 15 gb, dropbox 2.5 gb. You can put your photo , video and other documents here.

When you store on cloud you can access it from your PC and smartphones.
To access from PC you have to download and run the installer from your PC.
It creates a local drive on your hard disk.

You can create folders on these drive or in the drive folder in your PC.

from your software when goto backup. select DRIVE  C and 
USERS folder then your user name and then click on all frim weekly backup or date folder backup

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bad File name or number (Run time error 52) - Hindi

यह error नये इन्स्टोलेशन या PC फोरमेट करने पर आती है

इसे निकालने के दो तरीके हैं
१. windows - temp फोल्डर की security मे सभी युसर को  फुल कन्ट्रोल देकर
२. कन्ट्रोल पेनल - युसर अकौन्ट कन्ट्रोल

१. windows - temp फोल्डर की security मे सभी युसर को  फुल कन्ट्रोल देकर

कोम्पुटर - drive C - Temp फोल्डर को राईट क्लीक करके Prpoerties पसन्द करे . 
Security पसन्द करे . 

           Continue पर क्लीक करे

यहा सब नीचे Users उसे क्लीक करे

यहा फुल कन्ट्रोल allow करके Apply - ok करे

२. कन्ट्रोल पेनल - युसर अकौन्ट कन्ट्रोल

slider को नेवर notify पर ले जाईये

ok  करने के  बाद PC Restart रिस्टर्ट करे 

Bad file name of number ( Run time error 52 )

This error may occur in new installation or if your PC is formated.
You can remove this error by 2 methods.

1. Setting c:\windows\Temp  folder property.
2. Changing the Control Panel - User Account Control settings

1. Setting c:\windows\Temp  folder property.

Open My computer - Drive C - Windows folder - find Temp folder - right click it- select properties - following screen will appear.

Click on Continue
Select Users (it normally has name of your PC.)

select the users it is normally last item. Now it will show it's properties. Click the box of Fullcontrol Allow. It will check mark on all the other boxes automatically. Click on Apply - Ok