Friday, July 1, 2011

Backup mistakes by computer literates

In my software I keep in mind that many people does not know how to take backup using pen drive. So I have provided a backup menu where the user has to select the backup drive & folder.
I usually select the default drive and folder so that it becomes simple. I have also provided "all firm weekly backup" where I store the backup file in a folder by first 3 letters of week name.
eg.Mon,Tue,wed,..... .

Recently I received 2 trouble shooting calls from two of my (computer) educated clients. Knowing the use of MY COMPUTER they were copying my data folder c:\vfas\F1 to pen drive.
What they did was while copying data from hard disk they accidentally copied data from pen drive to hard disk ( here the data on pen drive was 1 month old) . resulting in data loss for one month.

In another case he had a backup taken on pen drive. Now what had happened . Just before taking the backup on pen drive the main data file xxxx1112.vfd had corrupted. Also its backup xxxx1112.bak. he had backup on pen drive of these 2 corrupt files.

Bottomline: Take backup by
1. All firm weekly backup
2. Create a folder on pen drive named ddmmyy eg.260611 then select this folder and click the green button of hard disk backup.