Wednesday, February 29, 2012

backup not successful in Windows 7

In some PCs with windows 7 it gives error that backup was not successful. It occurs even when you start the program fresh and straightly go to backup.

To solve this just right click the vfas icon/desktop shortcut and select properties- compatibility and check the Run as Administrator option as shown in the picture below.

software setup problems

Sometimes there are some antivirus software installed on a PC. Some do not allow setup and either they ask your permission or just do not allow setup and do not warn about it.

Once it was giving message that could not register a particular dll or ocx.
Possible ways are.
- Just temporarily disable the antivirus.
I did disable the antivirus(Kaspersky in this)
However the problem continued.

When I checked kaspersky it showed that license had expired.
So I uninstalled kaspersky. Then restarted the PC.

Then I tried to setup again. It went smoothly.

Note: check if any antivirus is obstructing the process.