Monday, September 23, 2013

Laserjet printer reported getting damaged due to use of small width paper

Some  laserjet users using  small width paper reported that their printer developed problems after some days. The print was getting black  portions on both sides when a large paper was used. The printer technician recommended them to use full width paper.

1. To prevent this set the paper size in printing preference of laser jet printer. This will cause printer to spread the black powder on desired area only .

2. I suggested using  a bill stationery where 2 bills of small width were arranged side by side and software was changed to print such bills 1 beside  other.
This technique is usefull where a large number of bills were printed continuously
in case os vegetable market customers.

3. One other option is to print the bill in Landscape mode . The bill width is 4 inches and height was 6 inches. In this case instead of  using 4 inch width 6 inch width was used. They can also increase the height of paper to 7 inch so that a wider area was used.

Unrecognized database format after login screen

Today a user complained that after entering password he gets a message that

unrecognized database format d:\vfas\nfirm.vfd

The attempt to repair the file failed .

After asking the user I came to know that his PC was shutting down accidentally.

When I repaired the drive containing the the file the problem was solved.