Wednesday, March 5, 2014

printing on dot matix printer on COM PORT 2 or 3

In case of graphics printing you need not bother about the port to which your printer is connected. In case of dotmatrix printer for fast printing in draft mode like old days and with fixed font sizes it is important to know the LPT port the with the printer.
Usualy only 1 LPT port is available on desktop PC. If the mother board has 1 LPT port onboard. Sometimes this port gets damaged so you can not print through this port. Solution in such case is using a add-on card on motherboard with extra LPT port. This port will be numbered COM PORT 2 or 3.

Vfas and Mktfas can print many reports in DotMatrixPrinting(DMP ) mode. Normally this printing is sent to LPT1 port. When the extra card used the port is set to 2 . In this case the DMP print fails. To print in DMP mode please do following setting in c:\vfas folder . Create a file using notepad and name the file as LPTSET.DAT in this file put only 1 character 2 or 3 depending on your LPT port number. Now the software will print using LPT2 or LPT3.

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